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What We Do

The Daily Good Mission Statement

THE DAILY GOOD aims to make a difference in the Keene, New Hampshire, region by focusing on Inclusion, Food Security, Health and Well-being, and Literacy. Several of our initiatives support all 4 of these pillars and are determined by asking community members this question: “What would make your daily life better?” Through their impassioned answers, we form initiatives that close community gaps and support individuals overlooked or underserved by larger nonprofits. As an all-volunteer nonprofit with no bureaucracy, our initiatives are implemented quickly with immediate impact.

We have big success creating positive change with a small budget.

THE DAILY GOOD is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

2020 Initiatives

Three female students holding up food various food donations from the Daily Good

Global Foods Pantries

What it Does:
Amplifies the voices of both international and domestic college students in the Keene area through free access to cultural heritage foods.
How it Works:
Students take full agency over this initiative by providing THE DAILY GOOD with pantry grocery lists that reflect foods that say “home.” THE DAILY GOOD then does some pretty awesome grocery shopping and delivers and stocks the GLOBAL FOODS PANTRY shelves each month at college campuses.
How it Brings Change and Connects Community:
Since the GLOBAL FOODS PANTRIES began partnering with colleges in September of 2019, grocers we work with in the region are expanding their global foods offerings, on-campus dining at colleges are preparing a greater variety of culturally responsive dishes that reflect the cultural identities of all students, and students are creating cross-cultural conversations and community-building gatherings through the foods we provide.

Even though they don’t know us personally, they are doing something for us that is personal, so I feel more welcomed, more appreciated, more wanted.

Keene State College student



What it Does:
Works to ensure food security on college campuses in the Keene area by providing free, ready-to-eat or easy-to-make meals.
How it Works:
At the beginning of the school year, students let us know what they’d like to see on the FOODS FOR YOU shelves and THE DAILY GOOD does our very best to fulfill these requests, stocking the shelves each month with the foods students want.
How it Brings Change and Connects Community:
Realizing the scope of food insecurity on campuses by seeing how our food delivery items are so well-received, some college campuses have begun to provide free breakfasts for all students. Inspired by THE DAILY GOOD, an international student is working to implement this initiative in his home country.

The Daily Good has been an amazing boost for our students, both international and domestic. We were amazed when the non-perishables disappeared from the shelves within 24 hours.  The Daily Good is a fantastic resource for Antioch, and we are so grateful.

Laura Andrews, Director of Institutional Advancement, Antioch University


Medical Emergency Fund

THE DAILY GOOD has a small fund to support community members experiencing unexpected, emergency medical expenses--from dental to ambulance care.


Phenomenal! THE DAILY GOOD really helped me a lot with my teeth, especially being a college student.

emergency dental care recipient, THE DAILY GOOD Medical Emergency Fund

2021 Initiatives

Summer Feed and Read Aloud Day

In partnership with the City of Keene, provides 80 to 100 summer campers with a healthy snack, read-alouds, and a new book to take home and instill in families a love of reading.


Who We Are

The Daily Good Founders

Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace

Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace

We both have professional backgrounds in children’s publishing as authors and editors. Before that we were journalists--Sandra became the first woman to host an NHL broadcast on national television, and Rich became the senior editor of the most popular children’s magazine in the world—Highlights For Children. Now we write true stories for young readers about people who break barriers and change the world.

Personally, we never thought we’d become changemakers ourselves by starting a nonprofit. But after seeing so much positive, community change happen from our community organizing and partnerships to support immigrants and refugees, stakeholders and community leaders asked us if we’d start one to empower more community members. And that’s how THE DAILY GOOD began in 2019.

We didn’t know exactly what our initiatives would be at that moment, but we knew who to ask: community members themselves, including students who utilize the office of Multicultural Student Support, Success, and Equity at Keene State College, across the street from where we live. We also knew who to ask to join THE DAILY GOOD advisory board. These community changemakers keep us focused and help implement THE DAILY GOOD initiatives quickly. We are so grateful for their leadership.

The Daily Good Advisors

In the Media

The Daily Good During Covid-19


The pandemic has increased our need to support students. At Keene State College, for example, several students need to live on campus during the pandemic. We have been asked to provide weekly food pantry deliveries to their dorms and hope to continue to do this throughout the pandemic. We have pivoted and stretched our food roster. Our weekly deliveries are a hybrid of GLOBAL FOODS PANTRY items and FOODS FOR YOU PANTRY staples. Now more than ever, your donation will help ensure we can continue to provide these weekly deliveries.